1. O

    New Walbro Carb for Stihl MS660 Magnum

    New, in box, Walbro Carb for Stihl MS660 Magnum, Model WJ-67A, Part No. 1122-120-0621. This model does not have limiter caps. $80.00, shipping via USPS Priority Mail included, to the continental US. Other locales will be actual cost of shipping, less $10.00. PayPal preferred. PM for details...
  2. Mrs. J

    Carburetor junkie

    This is the mower I'm supposed to learn to ride?!?!?!? Not sure that's a good idea. Does a seat really cost that much extra?!?!?! ;) He gets more excited about putting together a carburetor than any normal person should. Gave up sleep to get this mower running.