1. Mike from Miami

    The :time: thread

    9:43 here
  2. DefinitiveDave

    Throwing A Fuggin Tree On A House N Shizz June 2nd, Pa

    Where: Chambersburg, PA farm within about 5 minutes of Route 76 and Route 81. When: June 2nd and possibly 3rd Please express your interest to help with food planning etc. :) So our good buddy @leadfarmer (Rodney, Rodididney, RoRo) has a local friend who has a commercial 40 acre Christmas tree...
  3. Windy Isle

    I Don't Play Video Games

    Hey guyz. I figured I should make a stop here, and properly introduce myself. Home is northwest Washington, but I claim Michigan, also. I work in I.T., but I hate video games, so my peers consider me an enigma. I have to offset my time in the office/server room by cutting/splitting as much...
  4. Brad2185

    Newb Checking In From Md

    Hey fellow saw enthusiast, new to the forum but not saws...been messing with them as a hobby for about 15yrs now, career for about 4yrs. Partial to huskies. But I like all brands, new and old. See ya’ll in the forums
  5. 2

    Booted From Ass-site

    Yep their reason was for "inappropriate language". Just because I told some troll to go kill himself. Why? He insinuated that I was advertising a stolen saw with the serial number scratched off. I even told the dumb fuck troll that lives in his mom's basement that I purposely block out the...
  6. Red97

    Echo Cs 730 Hybrid

    Here it be. The saw Echo should build. Minus m-tronic. Still figuring good circuit board placement. Chassis is a cs 600 stock 45mm bore 37.6 stroke. Added a 50mm bore echo 670 cylinder. Side fed quad port. Had to make a .380" spacer, counter bore to center the jug on one side,flange to...
  7. Majorpayne

    Just Fucking Deal With It

    A place whiny bastards.
  8. Majorpayne

    Jms Saws

    SS here you go.
  9. Mike from Maine

    Safe Space

    In this thread perceived bigotry toward victim groups, harassment or disagreement about politics is not tolerated. Poasters can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or threats of physical harm.
  10. trx250r180

    Post the last pic you took with your phone

    This should be interesting ,what is the last image you snapped on your cel ,post it up . Mine is boring a pair of heads
  11. exSW

    What you listening to now?
  12. DSS

    The all new and improved Good Morning thread

    We got a new thread. Good night, Brad :coffee:
  13. jacob j.

    The new WTF and gender neutral chainsaw GFY thread

    Since Thomas1 likes bullying us around, I felt the need to start a new thread.
  14. stihl sawing

    Who's the biggest asshole on Sawhawgz

  15. Guybrush Threepwood

    Take me to your leader...

    Ok, bad joke, just wanted to say I'm new so go easy on me. I'm just here to share any knowledge I have, trade some saws, and maybe have a few laughs along the way. Who knows, might even learn a thing or two.
  16. mr.bear

    My names August

    Hi I'm August I am equipment operator and have always had a passion for chainsaws I cut about 20 cords a year Out in Amish iPone Smokin' big ol doinks
  17. shotgun

    Hello from the rocky mtns

    Motorcycle mechanic here, getting into Stihl saws. Love them! Got a MS 390 in 2010- replaced my tired Johnsored 2065. Wish I knew then what I have figured out now. I would have paid the extra $ and got the MS 360 instead. The 390 has served well, and has just been freshly updated with...
  18. stihl023/5

    Whats for dinner?

    Ok I know there is the grillin thread but not all meals are grilled. (It would be nice) So whats for dinner? Tonight the wife is makin smokin hot nachos.
  19. Wigglesworth

    Last person to post in this thread wins!!

    I win!!
  20. WoodChuck'r

    5 Word Thread

    Please please please, don't ask. :wtf::banghead: :notsure::banghead: