1. cat-face timber

    Tuning A Saw

    I have learned how to tune a saw, I am not near as good as most of you, but my saws run. This is where I started and practiced. A big thank you to MWEBA1.
  2. cat-face timber

    Im A Member Of The 6 Cube Club..

    Im a member.. I now own a Husky 298 XP.. Amazing saw.. Sounds beautiful.. Will post pics. Also have a large Homelite.. WOW.. it is like running a freight train. Not speedy, but sure has alot of power. Question, on the Husky Handle bar, what is the dial looking thing used for?
  3. Majorpayne

    Jms Saws

    SS here you go.
  4. cat-face timber

    Flux Core Welding Wire

    I am now a owner of a new HF Flux Core welder. the 1 pound of wire that came with it wont last long. Suggestions for replacement? Lincoln, Hobart? Off Brand? Does it matter? I am not welding bridges, just head ache racks for pickups, and projects.. thanks
  5. cat-face timber

    Hey Randy Can You Port This For Me

    Hey Randy will you port this for me?
  6. cat-face timber

    Husqvarna 298

    Gents, I am just now starting on a Husky 298 Project. My 288 needs a older bigger meaner brother. I have a set of cases and a crank that I got from a member here. Needed just about everything else. Whatever will fit/work. I do not care if it is Husky or J-Red, or what model, this can be a...
  7. trx250r180

    Hashtag what you are doing

    # posting a great thread that everyone has to hashtag their post in .
  8. thomas1


    My name is Tom and I have some chainsaws. I also enjoy making fun of emus and Canadian cattle. PS: Blazin is piss soaked baby midget kitten that enjoys ✖✖✖✖ing goats.