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  1. thomas1

    Keeping The Lights On 2018

    We are coming up on the bills for the site being due, that includes the server fee and the license fee for the design. Total is about $600. If people could find it in their heart to contribute it would be appreciated. For the first few years Chuck'r ran this place out his own pocket and I'd like...
  2. jacob j.

    The new WTF and gender neutral chainsaw *** thread

    Since Thomas1 likes bullying us around, I felt the need to start a new thread.
  3. thomas1

    Garden Tractorz And Tim's Other Weird ****, Too.

    I think I want one. Rear hydraulics and preferably an Onan. What models am I looking for and why?
  4. Cmarti

    Well Boil me in Oil......

    I really hate to do this......but I bought a china auger (Predator) from Harbor Freight to do some fencing at my Dad's property. My boys get the post hole diggers, but I am getting old. The dang constructions say to run 25:1 gas/oil ratio. Are the tolerances that bad, or does the rest of the...
  5. jacob j.

    Stihl 046 Magnum

    Well, this is it boys- I think this is the last nice 046 with the early "D" combustion chamber cylinder that I'll ever see. This one turned out nice, with many new parts. If this doesn't last casual user 20 years, they're doing something wrong...
  6. P

    Bar and Chain Oil Jugs

    Detergent bottles with the nice pour spouts have been mentioned a number of times for bar and chain oil. I wanted to mark mine clearly. But the labels on the new bottles are printed on, and don't come off as easily as paper labels. Acetone did not touch the print, but *lacquer thinner did...
  7. Virgil

    Best country to move to?

    Do to the US political down turn, what would be the best country to move to? How difficult? Freedoms? Job market? Business climate? Political stability? Land availability? Weather conditions? Over all quality of life?
  8. griffonks

    Chain spinners and breakers

    In my once used Husqvarna chains for sale thread I told the posters that I was considering buying a spinner and breaker so that I could break all the extra 3/8's- .050 Husky 72DL loops and spin loops for longer bars. There was a lot of interest and information so I decided to start a new thread...
  9. TK

    WTF Stihl

    Alright, I know I'm a Husky guy. You guys know I'm a Husky guy. It's not that I dislike Stihl or any other brand, because I don't. Except Stihl is really starting to worry me. Now I'm not the best mechanic by any means. Far from it. But WTF is Stihl doing with the carbs on the 261 and 362...
  10. Work Saw Collector


    Man I am having trouble tonight site wont load with Safari at all, Tapatalk Pro one thread then crashes, Tapatalk HD nothing. Other sites are fine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Whitedogone

    Who's your favorite Aftermarket parts supplier?

    Well, I always hated the fact that no one could post anything about good parts suppliers except sponsors over on AS. No so over here, so let's hear you favorite supplier.
  12. Freehand

    Anybody Into Machine Tools?

    I'm a woodworker by trade and have always worked metal fabrication applications into my repertoire. Do love making chips though. Anyone care to show off their lathe/mill etc.? I'll start. LeBlond 15x54 Servo Shift, with the metric package. About to go broke buying tooling for the thing lol.
  13. Adirondackstihl

    Upstate NY GTG

    Well its that time again. Steve has asked me to get the ball rolling and start a thread. Depending upon the cooperation of mother nature the GTG dates have been in the past - 3/11 & 4/28. We just need to schedule around mud season. The area in which we will be cutting can get pretty muddy. We...
  14. L

    Husqvarna Thread

    why no husky site surely the stihl guys wont get that upset:sad:
  15. WoodChuck'r

    Thomas1 for president.

    President of what...?? That has yet to be determined.
  16. stihl023/5

    Whats for dinner?

    Ok I know there is the grillin thread but not all meals are grilled. (It would be nice) So whats for dinner? Tonight the wife is makin smokin hot nachos.
  17. Mastermind

    The Tell Me A Joke Thread

    Anybody know any good jokes? He's one Majorpayne sent me the other day...... A young ventriloquist is touring Sweden and, one night, he's doing a show in a small fishing town. With his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual dumb blonde jokes. Suddenly, a blonde woman in the...


    brand new,offers/trades
  19. jacob j.

    Hawgz WTF Thread

    I figured we needed a similar thread here. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/PyhG_DvWpk4?list=UUDZESjYAwh-ws7ZSZZ8DKeg&amp;hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>