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Jan 10, 2012
Hopland Ca. The badlands
One needs p&c most likely. Did not pull apart, but scoring on cylinder I could see thru plug hole. Was hard to pull over. Needs handle bar, clutch cover, air filter and cover. Other I am thinking I may keep fired it up, and it's a runner. Starved a little like fuel line. I would do fuel line, filter, and carb kit. Needs clutch cover, handle bar. P&C I looked through spark plug hole did not tear down. Looked clean P&C. Comp is really strong tons of it! I am reluctant to part with it. But have two runners now myself. And just got a 288! That needs P&C so need to fund my 288 project. So you will have to make me a goo offer on both to sell. The runner is not the pretties but very strong.


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