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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Evening gents.....

So here I go. I’ll explain a bit more in a video that I’ll post this evening or tomorrow. The saw will be featured in it as well.

I have a mint 262 - and I’m going to give it away. I mentioned this in a recent thread in the Hawg Trader forum.... the catch is, instead of me just giving it away, I’m giving people a chance to win.

Send me $5. $5 will enter you to win. Wanna up your chances of being drawn...?? Then send me $10. Or $15. Or $20....

However much you wish. Each $5 gives you another entry.

I’m not doing this to get rich, or scam my way into making more money than the saw is worth - if I get an ample amount I’ll just give something else away. Maybe someone else will get in on the action and add to the fun.

I’ll upload a vid soon. But in the meantime, get the ball rolling guys - spread the word to the community and I will pick the lucky winner on the evening of Sunday May 20th.

PayPal me - WoodChucker81@gmail.com

If you wish to send me a check or cash, go for it:

Jason Brozic
23 Van Campen St
Dansville NY

Thanks for being here d00dz. In my saw-hobby-hiatus it’s nice knowing you’re all still here. Ill be back though - I kind of already am.

See y’all soon. Real soon.... :D

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