660 stihl


The Junk Peddler
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May 7, 2013
It's cool to have one of these this week :evilgrin:
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The Junk Peddler
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May 7, 2013
hey....stop buzzin in on my posts,i asked the original poster "WTF" cause it made no sense,and then YOU come in here and harangue about some prehistoric saw......wtf

there has been numerous ms660 threads this week over at a/s ,since a/s is broken ,i figured the guys could continue the talk of the 660 over here :facepalm:
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The Junk Peddler
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May 7, 2013
I've never heard of a green light special?
this lady was friends with my mom somehow when i was a kid ,had some disco record about a green light ,stayed at our house when visiting the area back in late 70s i think

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naked arborist

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Jun 23, 2013
Merica kinda... So. Joisey
Stihl guy here, yea 660's suck imo. Tired of choking on exhaust fumes. Maybe one of these days I'll go find a piston to cut and fix the the thing. The only other option is spray welded chrome and some creative port work.

Everybody knows purple and green is the saw to have.

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