anybody got a picture of how the oil system works on a poulan super 25??


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Apr 11, 2013
got one that needs fixed and cant find info on it, i just want this poopy little thing to oil :(
I assume you are refering to an s-25 ,If so it has an impulse type oil pump accessable by removing the flywheel .Additionally it has a thumb pump .

Generally speaking it's a pretty reliable oiling system .On rare occasion the suction side of te pump could have sucked in a little piece of sawdust which will hinder it .

What you might try before you do anything is dump the oil and fill the oil tank about half full of kerosine .Let it sit a short while then try and get oil flow via the thumb pump .If that doesn'twork you'll have to pull the flywheel and investigate further .
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Apr 11, 2013
i pulled the the pump and there was no rubber line on the pump nipple, i need to find where the line go's to


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Jan 13, 2012
i pulled the the pump and there was no rubber line on the pump nipple, i need to find where the line go's to
The line visible when the pump's mounted............or the line under the pump? The external line (with fittings on both ends) is the discharge line. The line under the pump is the pickup line. has a weighted pickup on one end, and a check valve on the other end (where it sits under the pump).
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