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Prince of Tater Island
Jan 10, 2012
Canada; where men are men and Cjcocn© is a midget
Dunno. But it's pretty wicked. I have two of the old 18v and it puts them to shame and they ain't no joke. Got to be careful on smaller stuff.
Fastenal guy was trying to sell me one with 1400 in reverse. Seems hard to believe. I told him to bring it over and take wheel nuts off a Freightliner for me and I'd buy it. I told him they were only torqued to 500 ft lbs but he hasn't shown up yet


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Aug 27, 2013
Upstate NY, way upstate
Have a new viewer on my YouTube channel. You guts remember that show Yukon Men? Stan Zuray, the guy who moved up there from Boston, started watching. Been messaging with him a little bit, pretty interesting guy. He has a small channel himself if you guys are interested...just type in Stan Zuray on a YouTube search.

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