Bars, chain, and stuff for sale.

Troy G

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Jan 10, 2012
I am trying to clean up and get rid of things I will not be using. Here is what I got for sale:

6 brand new loops of Stihl RSC 66dl 3/8 .050 gauge.- 16.50 a loop

4 brand new loops of Woodland pro round chisel 66dl 3/8 .050 gauge.- 14.00 a loop.

various used loops of the two chains listed of above, same specs. I will take an estimated percentage of what is left for life and subtract it from new price of 16.50 or 14.00.

1 used Grandberg file and joint- 15.00

1 brand new in sealed plastic Grandberg file and joint- 25.00

1 brand new 18" Tsumura Total Superbar for a Stihl 260-660 66dl 3/8 .050 gauge.- 40.00

3 brand new Tsumura Carlton 16" .058 gauge .325 pitch 66dl bars Husky small mount (346XP).- 25.00 per bar

1 lightly used Tsumura Carlton 16" .058 gauge .325 pitch 66dl bars Husky small mount (346XP) -18.00

1 brand new loop of oregon 21lpx chain for above bar.-12.00

4 loops of same used chain for same bar. I will take an estimated percentage of what is left for life and subtract it from new price of 12.00

1 never used Stihl to Husky bar adapter. 8.00

20 unused 7/32 save edge files. 1 full dozen and a box of 8 - 20.00

11 unused 13/64 save edge files.-11.00

10 unused 3/16 save edge files.-10.00

*Payment by paypal, buyer to pay fees and shipping cost.

*If you want pictures of something pm me your email address.
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Troy G

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Jan 10, 2012
The Carlton Tsumura bars are gone as well as the chain for them.
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