Building me a 026 race saw or a ugly pile useless parts...


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
I decided to join the madness and do the 3 cube stock appearing build off.

So here's my race saw, she's a fast one.

Most everything is there.

If anyone has a OEM 026 cylinder they'd be willing to part with let me know.



~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
Cliff, Randy I'm only a hack and just gonna try it, see what I come up with.

It's been put on the back burner because of a bunch major saw rebuilds for customers
at the shop.


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
Ship em to me with the parts (assuming they're Stihl) and that'll give you some time for your project.
Nah another 2100 rebuild, Jonsered 820, 350 to 346 conversion, bunch more 350's and a Stihl 034 that got run with
the chain brake on for long enough to destroy the clutch and oil pump.

The closest Husky retailers are TSC, and a Hardware store nearest actual Husky dealer is 20 miles
away so I'm the most experienced Husky fixer around.
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