Can a saw be made to run backwards.

Al Smith

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May 25, 2013
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Then there was the story of "Romeo" from I think New Mexico .Romeo was a very colorfull on line persona who used to be on several web forums .

Well good ole Romeo built a hot saw from some type of MC engine and hung the bar on the left side .I think the danged thing was direct drive with a big spur sprocket running in the open ,no clutch ,no gaurd started from the right .It seems the damned thing ran the chain in reverse so he just put the chain on backwards .

Sounds good except on the down cut it pushed the saw back towards and on the up it pulled the saw inwards .Plus with the power on the top the chain slack was on the bottom .Then it dawned on Romeo that left hand bar was right in line with his 'nads .If it flung a chain it could capone him ,not good .

One fatefull day at some saw exibition it did toss a chain but it shot out the front twirling round and round like a big flail and flew about 200 feet .Good Lawd if it had hit someone it would have removed their head .I'm not sure if Romeo ever ran that thing again ,never got the rest of the story .


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Aug 27, 2013
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Yes but you will unscrew the clutch .A runaway clutch can orbit a garage at about what seems like 100 mph .It can also fire down a 500 foot driveway about as fast .

I had that happen once checking my carb work on a wild thang I ported, clutch flew off and nailed me in the big mouth. Of course I was dumb enough to do it with the clutch cover off.