Can't always get a mesaage box


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Jan 12, 2012
Been havin a problem getting a message box, or more accurately, getting a cursor in the message box. Can't post or send PM's when this happens. I do get the cursor, and can type in the address and subject boxes, but nothing in the message box, or even the quick reply box.

Seems to only happen on the home computer, and only on this site.

What also happens when this takes place is that the notifications box will not drop down.

Anybody got any ideas?

Come on Jason, get this straightened out! :ranting:
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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Hey Bob, got yer voicemail just a little while ago. I was at my mom's house and there's no service there.

I don't have an answer to be honest, everything is functioning fine on the sites end. It sounds like the site isn't fully loading on your browser. You have 56k dialup, right.....??? Sometimes I have issues like that with my phone when there's a 'slow' network connection - said site appears to be loaded but there are some things that don't function perfectly.

Try logging out of the site and logging back in. See if that helps. Deleting your cookies may help as well, but try logging out and logging back in first and see if that does any good.

Keep me posted Bob I wanna make sure everything is working for ya...! :thumbsup:
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