Central Ohio Spring GTG June 2


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May 9, 2012
A friend of mine wkpoor is having his GTG this year June 2nd. There will be some 2 cut hotstart racing in 8x8 and 10x10 and big logs to cut on.

Saw classes will be the usual just like my gtg's and his.

I have his addy saved if anyone needs it.


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Jan 9, 2012
Yeah, myself and mdavlee have talked about coming this year. I bet it will be a good one.


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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Not too sure about this weekend. :meh:

I screwed my back up pretty bad the day after I got back from Maine a few weeks ago. It's still bugging me pretty bad....

There's also an tribute golf tournament being put on in my father's name at a local golf course this weekend. They do a lot of cancer support and be it he was a 10 year survivor of cancer he did a lot of volunteering for them - he did years and years of photography for them and never charged them a dime. He was a big part of their cancer support group and they want to honor him for all the work he's done over the years. I initially told my family that I may end up going to the GTG instead of the golf tournament and dinner. But with my back being the way it is I just might end up hanging out with the family this weekend at the golf course. I'm no golfer and even if I were I couldn't do it anyways with the bad back.

Sucks. I'm gonna wait to see how I feel on Friday - it's slowly getting better but a long drive in the car is gonna do nothing but stiffen me up really bad....... :meh: :grim: