Chainsaw races and GTG


Mar 5, 2012
Lacrosse WI
This bad boy can cut wood. The cant was about 12" square. From a non running saw on the ground to 3 cuts... 2.6 seconds.:smoking:

Rick Halvorson who competes in lumberjack events ran the saws. Very good at it I might add. These were the buildoff saws and I believe this is a 395?

This piped 064 flat out smokes. Sounds cool too.



Mar 5, 2012
Lacrosse WI
So what about Stihl dominance?

Zip saws

This ax of Rick Halvorson's will actually shave the hair on your arm. I saw him do it.

These ported Dolkita's 7900's absolutely rip



Mar 5, 2012
Lacrosse WI
Looks like it was a great time!

Woulda loved to have made it. Really glad the WI guys were able to make it down to the KYgtg though. :thumbsup:

Any vids from this event....??
By vids are you talking about this one or the KY gtg? All the vids of the WI ones are at the beginning of this thread including me being beat:p.


Mar 5, 2012
Lacrosse WI
WTF how in the hell did I miss the vids. :screwy: :derplol:
Sorry, can't answer that.:banana:

I am getting beat in #51 & 90. I didn't really plan on doing any racing and was talked into it. The chains were firewood chains tha I hit with a file for about 3 minutes each before throwing the saws in the car. I learned, if you stall the chain you are done.:yup:
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