Cricket !


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Jan 11, 2012
It's summer in the southern hemisphere and that means two things in Oz, Cricket and tennis.

Oh, and I brought it up as for some reason Cricket really screws with the heads of North Americans :D

So for the Aussies here, how is the next Test in Perth going to pan out ?

Will the second ranked test team in the world, India, be dissected by Clarkies pace attack again ?
All reports are that the WACA pitch is a green top so the Indian batsmen will be quaking in their boots.

Aaah, summer in Oz. Nothing beats the sound of leather on willow and the shhh as you twist off the top of another beer. :smoking:


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Jan 11, 2012
Sounds like a blast to me. Guess I need to make a trip half way around the world lol
LMAO I did! grew playing baseball like every other kid in the US (NH native) landed here 17yrs ago and the first game of cricket I saw was a boxing day test match, might of been aus versus windies, it was an eye opener for me, the passion that people had for it blew me away. then to have it go on for days on end (with a cold room chilling a pallet of XXXX Heavies) what an induction to the sport of cricket!

It did take some work to get my head around the game, it is definitely different from good ol baseball ball for sure, kinda like checkers versus chess

Heres somewhat of an explaination of cricket