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May 25, 2013
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On a site I seldom visit I saw a set up from a member which works pretty good .I have a little different set up but also use a nylon arbor .I thought I'd put some pics on in case it might help somebody else .

Now I've seen people use anything from turned hardwood to steel for cylnder arbors but this set up works the best for me of any .It's a 1" shaft,4140 steel threaded to fit in a collett.The arbor made of nylon 66 is made to tight fit in whatever bore size you have and is about 1/4" fit inside the cylinder .This way you can cut down the base and chamfer the cylinder in the same set up .

With the tight fit of the nylon all you have to do is crank down on a live center in the tail stock and cut away but go easy on the feed rate .


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