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Hank Chinaski

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Jan 12, 2012
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Tonight's weather for central and Eastern Arkansas (as well as Western TN) is calling for possible severe storms that may develop tornadoes.

I volunteer with my church (The Church at Rock Creek) in the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief on a Chainsaw Unit. Our church is one of the only ones in Arkansas that has it's own Chainsaw Unit (equipped trailer). The other volunteers use SBDR owned trailers/equipment. In addition to the Chainsaw Unit that will typically support 5 sawyers and 6-8 pullers, I outfit my truck with my saws/gear so we can field 4-5 folks from my truck (if they bring their own PPE).

In anticipation, I've thrown in my normal load out, and gotten my personal gear ready (boots, extra clothes etc).
I pre-stage my gear in these heavy duty plastic stackable boxes, one with my PPE/chains/files/saw tools/spares, and another with fuel cans/fuel mix and bar oil. I'll also add two 5 gallon gas cans prior to actually leaving. Saw wise, I've got my Stumpbroke 372 (24"), Stihl 044 (24"), Stihl 192tc, and also prior to leaving I'll strap down my Stihl HT131 to the top rack and a 24' fiberglass extension ladder.

and here's some pics of our Chainsaw Unit from last year (need to get pics of the outside still):


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