Ford/New Holland 575 Backhoe....Good For The Gettin?


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Oct 22, 2012
Fredericksburg, Va
Thinking about pulling the trigger on a low hour machine......too poor for a Case or a Cat......any yew work on/ know about these? I hear nightmare stories about repair/parts cost when they start needing it.....but I hear the same about the Kitty-Cats....

Thoughts gentleman?

Is that the actual machine you're looking at? It doesn't look to have very much use.


Apr 7, 2013
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Anybody know whos making the "BSD 450T"? Ford doesn't make a damn thing theyselves....

Ya, texted the ol boy first Randy.

I don't know anything about that model. The smaller CNH's are Shibaura. I think that is Scania. It looks like a nice tractor.
Scania? Sounds like a european monkeyfuk boatride fer parts. Sounds like a ford tractor...

I have a cat 426 4x4 been awesome,actually 2 now bought the same machine from our town surplus for $3000 ,came with a sweeper and a pickup load of parts
Not a new as the one pictured but its got just under 10000 hrs,tires is all it's needed,and i brazed on new slides on the extendahoe
Nice cheap hoe bawse. Big bonus having extra Cat parts laying about....

Is that the actual machine you're looking at? It doesn't look to have very much use.
Nope, gonna go get a look at it tomorrow. It's comparable, early '00 machine with 1000 hours, barn kept.......

Jimmy in NC

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Aug 27, 2013
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I wondet if thpse Cat 416 426 were made by JCB. They used almost identical Perkins engines
JCB put the engine in backwards. We have one in our fleet. All of the mechanics and operators dream of the day it leaves. The owner maintains it was an inexpensive machine from our favorite dealer... Ritchie Brothers.

Steve NW WI

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Aug 3, 2013
Star Prairie, WI
Some of the parts will cross over to the older Ford farm tractors, differentials, etc. Gives you more options when looking for used stuff. Ag equipment parts are cheaper usually than yeller parts

Did a little checking on the motor, it is Ford built. It's a newer bigger brother to the 268 4 cylinder, and was used in farm stuff from about 91 to at least 2003. I didn't dig real deep, but it doesn't seem like a motor with a real bad rap, and parts should be available thru your local blue/maybe even red tractor dealer.