Getting into Orange


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Aug 27, 2013
Upstate NY, way upstate
Well...with a little help from Jimmy in NC I am getting into orange saws. I'm a Dollie fan more than any of them but I am noticing a lot of design similarities between Hooskies and Dollies. I am finding I like working on them over the Stihls. As far as porting them, I have only done Wild Thingies, Stihls and my old Dollie 120si. I have a 268xp project to finish and a 372 on the way from NC to build to get me started. If I like how they run I have a 359 and a top handle to build. Of course I'm not going anti- creamsicle, I have a ground up rebuild to do on an 088 for a milling saw to back up my 9010. We'll see how they go.
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