Got Myself A Wheel Horse this Weekend!

the westspartan

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Jan 12, 2012
So I have wanted one of these for a long time as I have heard that they are bulletproof and strong. On our small piece of wooded property we have no room to operate anything larger. Anyway I figured it would be fun and useful, and I could use it to drag logs around. I looked up the I.D. number on it and it turns out that it is a 1981 GT-2500(it has a different hood, from an early 1970s model). It has the 8 speed transmission and an 11H.P. B&S horizontal shaft motor. It starts right up and runs flawlessly. I need a couple front tires for it and the drive belt seems like it is too long or a little stretched out, if you let off the clutch to fast, the clutch idler pulley slips too far back when it engages and the clutch gets stuck engaged. Other than that it is in great functional shape and really good cosmetic and structural shape. Here are a few pictures.

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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Sweet!! Those are AWESOME tractors. I've been wanting one for quite a while now, something bigger though - that's a nice setup dude for sure. Now go put that pig to work! :bananawhip:

Did you end up picking it up that night I talked to you.....???

the westspartan

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Jan 12, 2012
We went and looked at it that night, then I got it Saturday. I wish it had the Kohler motor in it but, it seems that one would bolt right in if it ever came along, that being said the little B&S motor is strong and doesn't smoke at all. This is on the long Wheel Horse frame from what I understand so it should be pretty stout.

the westspartan

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Jan 12, 2012
Is it me, or does that tractor have a distinct Massey-Ferguson look to it ? Looks good for such an old machine !
As dumb as it sounds the look of it is what got me when I was driving down the road. I love the way the old Massey-Fergusons look. This one actually has a hood from an older model on it. The correct hood has the exact same shape but with different stickers. This model is the 25th anniversary model that came with a 1 ounce bar of silver, seriously! Somehow the bar of silver didn't come with mine:banghead:

I like the older stickers this one has so I will probably just leave it alone cosmeticly. I would like to restore it, but it is going to be a work tractor not a show tractor.

Denis Gionet

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Apr 17, 2012
Hearst, Ontario, Canada
When I was a kid the neighbor across the street had an old snowmachine, a Ski-Dadler, made by Massey Ferguson. Looked almost the same as your tractor, except twice as big, with skis and a track. We were all little, even 3 of the biggest kids couldn't pull it over.... then Big John (owner) would come over and give it a whip, the sled backed up about a foot when he pulled the cord ! We didn't call him Big John for nothing ! Then one summer I made the oops of running across his freshly poured garage cement floor...... oops .... !
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