Great Running Husqvarna 350 FS/FT. 45mm/52cc non purge bulb version.

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Jan 13, 2012

2003 production Husqvarna 350 for sale/trade. Runs great. 45mm piston/52cc version with the removable transfer port covers. No purge bulb. Just replaced the OEM plastic intake boot clamp with the 'updated' metal clamp and plastic boot support assembly. New oil tank cap.

Original laminated .325" pitch sprocket nose bar. 16" to the tips of the spikes, 17" to the case front. Good loop of Husqvarna H30 .325-.050G narrow kerf ('Pixel') chain.

Piston/cylinder/ring look great.

Everything works. Starts/idles/cuts fine. Chainbrake works. Oiler works. Choke/throttle lock and kill switch work. Good, almost new air filter. AV mounts are all good. MN/SN tag present and unmolested.

Has the usual scratches/scrapes that you'd see on any used Husqvarna. See pics. Top cover came from another saw, so the plastic 'tones' don't match. There's a few flecks of dried pitch on the rear handle and possible other areas. I just got tired of picking them off...

$150 plus actual shipping, or possible trade.

Will ship to continental US. Canada, or Hawaii/Alaska possible.

Here's a list of things I'd take in trade (either partial or full...........depending on the details):

-Good usable 32" 3/8" pitch sprocket nose large Husqvarna mount bar.

-Good non 'generic' (meaning no HF/chinese knockoff) chain spinner.

-Good, uncracked/unbroken Husky 2100/2101/298/1100 AF cover.

-Good, uncracked/ubroken Husky 281/288 clutch cover.

-Sugihara LW bars.

-New or like-new high-end 'double' type brushcutter shoulder harness. Something recent from Husky or Stihl.


Who knows what else?

Perhaps parts or project saws:

-Poulan 4900-8500.

-Husqvarna 181/281/288.

-Husqvarna 1100/2100/298/2101.

-McCulloch 82cc SP-80 thru DE80.

-Homelite XL-900 series.

-Homelite XL-88/98 cutoff saws.

-Homelite DM-20 cutoff saws.

-Homelite XL400A or XL500.

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