Hello, been to long.


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Jan 10, 2012
Hopland Ca. The badlands
Hello my gang of friends, sorry been so long. Been sidetracked, bunch of facebook started a new group. The Alliance of dog men. World wide now, also been fighting some anti hunting CA ban issues that come up. And cutting and just being busy. So a big hello from me to you.
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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Sup buddy Norm! :thumbsup:

Good to see you around mang! Hope all is well. Yeap you've definitely been quiet these days - we miss our big saw guy! :D

Glad you popped in to say hey buddeh. What's the Facebook page....?? Think i know what it's about but tell us a bit more about it.....
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Jan 10, 2012
Hopland Ca. The badlands
Thanks brother same here! It's on my wall under groups. Its called the Alliance of dog men. I have united dog men world wide. State by state, and even Australia, and NZ. Two much anti hunting hate out there, and all is good who don't like hunting, but some are extreme, and want all banned. So it is to help some friends who hunt bear with hounds, and more catch and release then actual killing. The Humane society of the us, is sponsoring a ban on all bear hounds. SB1221 so been rallying for support for them, funds etc. NRA is backing us hard with a few big groups. Good read on NRAhunters rights .org. Facts. HSUS has nothing but opinion. Anyway, I hate getting political, never liked it, but been at it lately, because they are targetting my heart and soul hunting with dogs. So my groups is like here, you can share pics, tell stories, give a heads up on something. Make a lot of friends. Or just say hello. It's a closed group, but any friends or fellow sportsmen, or women can ask to join. I approve em quick. I will be here more regular I promise!
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