Hey , I was reading saw hogz and .....


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Aug 5, 2013
West Sunbury Pa.
I actually have a saw related question !!
Okay , I've got the hots for a 395xp ( well maybe a ms661 to ) but right now it's the 395 . Any way it'll find it's way to "Cuddle lane " while still new. Now the question . I'd like to run a 28" techlite with .050 gauge chain . Any reason not to , or is 058 better for that saw . My 390xp seems to do well with .050 but I thought I ask for opinions any way .


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Jul 31, 2013
south Ms
never thought of usin cats like this before! take a cat, poke a stick up his ass and instant q-tip!!!!!!!!! different size cats fer different openings. love it!!!!!
you fellers :rock2:

Blazin may be a lil skittish of this thread..........jus sayin..........
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May 9, 2012
I had a guy wanting to trade a 395xp for my redmax. I wasnt interested so I threw this out there. Nobody responded wanting a project 395, so I told him not interested.

Any of you guys wanting a bigger saw and mechanically inclined ?

There is a guy wanting to trade me a 395xp project for my redmax. I dont want a 395xp. If any of you are interested I'll dig further and get some pics etc.

It's a straight up trade if I did it so $400 and shipping.

(((((I have a 395 basket case with new bearings, seals and new meteor kit. It could use a muffler if you don't want a modded one on it. Just needs put together.)))) Has 2 crankcases with only 1 half of each case to use to make up 1 good one.

Scratch all the above :yup:. Just read again and see you were asking for chain, not a 395. :eek3::bananawheel:
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