Hey Tom....


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
Spring got here in a big damn hurry I'm cranking out walk behinds
like mad right now.

Only free time is sitting here in the office looking up parts.


Hand Rubbed Pork
Jan 9, 2012
Ya I'm in a mad rush getting snowblowers into storage and trimmers out on the wall. Mowers coming down off the shelf and out on display today also. This week people been scheduling tractor pickups and dropping off their mowers like crazy. I guess they've had enough waiting to see if we get a crazy maine blizzard in March/April like we've been known to have in the past :yup:

But I'm still not motivated or ready for spring yet. I held off on a couple of spring parts orders as I just couldn't justify the dollars they want for terms. Getting out of hand, really.
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