hey ya ll


Mizzurruh Saw Gangsta
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Jan 10, 2012
Hey ya ll hows everyone doing? Just surfing the net and found this site. :)
It's fitting that the BBQ man would find the spit roast!!! I see a BBQ thread starting in one of the forums...
Just sayin...
Smoked Bologna is gooood...
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Jul 10, 2012
That would be right up D J's alley from what I hear...
I am like others on a s , i have no trade secrets (smoking ) just too hardheaded to quit.i wish i had time to do the shoulders in October but it takes 17 hrs to do it the way i used to do it and that 4 letter word comes into play but ya ll can bet my smoker wont be cold.I have learned a lot from the a s site but most of all i have learned what a tight webbed group chainsawers are and the definition of 'FINE TUNE' and ' CATFISH HOOK SHARP SAW CHAIN'. does this count for 50 post so i can start funnin now? ps ya ll rock
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Jul 10, 2012
Wassup Tennessee J?

I thought u knew bout sawhawgz??
I heard about it but also heard it was for non- smokers and the mods would ban you for incorrect spellng and punctuation and could read minds and stuff and was a little leary after i read the definition of a rusty trombone .hahahahahahahahahahahahaha:happygrin:
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