Husky 281 without any Xtra Pee


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
I got a box of parts to build into 5 cube race saw a while back, well there's no 5 cube races anywhere
except down south. So instead of building a race saw I'm putting it together as just a firewood saw.

It's a complete ground up rebuild, new crank, bearings, gaskets, seals.

I've got a Meteor piston, OEM ring for it.

I made a trip down to my local saw porter and had him do a port job on the 288 cylinder.

I'm hoping to run a 8 pin sprocket with a 32" bar.

I might even find that extra pee somewhere too.

I'll post some pics tomorrow
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~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
Waiting on Clutch cover, Piston, and seals.
After laying everything out I need wrist pin bearing, intake elbow, starter pawl, bar spikes, and chain adjuster.

It's not a XP or SE, but a 281 Magnum.
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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
My 394 has a modded muffler, and it's definitely noisy but it keeps it a bit cooler when milling. Not a big fan of a louder saw these days but if it serves a function, other than making more power, I'm down with it.

Someone needs to build a silent saw. Noise is overrated. All I wanna hear is the chain cutting the wood, nothing else.
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Feb 11, 2013
I completely agree, this 288 will be mild more than wild. Like a tweeked stock saw more than the
225 psi and 15,000 RPM "woods ported" stock appearing muffler saws guys are running.
I've done both... I prefer wild but it has been deemed unpractical by some.



I've recently been playing with tube style outlets that flow well but have some sound deadening properties.
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jacob j.

When I let my hair down, my friends call me Dick C
Jan 9, 2012
Someone needs to build a silent saw. Noise is overrated. All I wanna hear is the chain cutting the wood, nothing else.
Some of those older, bigger electric saws are pretty quiet and cut good. They have a lot of torque.
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