Husqvarna 350 Jonsered 2150 rebuild


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Jan 10, 2012
Start to finish.....52 minutes 720P. I misspoke a couple times and missed some other details but I'm NOT redoing it lol :bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance::bananatrance:

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jacob j.

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Jan 9, 2012
Holy hell that's a long video. Awesome Mitch!

I swear you have the best saw vids on YouTube.
When I needed to learn how to install the metal-ring intakes on the newer small Huskies, I dialed in one of Mitch's videos and it worked perfectly.
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Jan 10, 2012
Thanks doodz. Trying to pay it forward ya know.

Trying to catch up on things/postings. Stupid busy with ODPE and farm related issues. State rainfall average is somewhere in the 20" mark for the last month. Our planting/ground prep has been a battle.....sump pumps in the calf barn.....saws piling up and owners getting short. If I had hair, it would be gone by now.

On the other hand, You Tube partnership is on a steady climb. May be able to retire before 85 yet :santabanana::santabanana:
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