Husqvarna Stihl ms361 vs 562xp vs 372xp vs ms440


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Jan 10, 2012
Well someone had to do it:saywhat: I got my hands on a nice ms361 and a ms440 to make some comparison vids. There has been many a discussion on how strong the 562 really is. Having only run the 62 next to the 72 for the last six months, I've not been able to comment much on the strength of either saw against their Stihl counter parts.

Honestly, I could give a rip less if one is slightly stronger than the other. To me its the whole package weight, control, power and vibes. I've made it no secret that I love my 562 and would recommend one to anyone needing to run up to a 28" guide. Are they stronger than a 440 or 372 28" and beyond, NO but they are near as fast with less abuse on the user.

I had no idea what the results of this LITTLE comparison would be and as I stated frankly didn't care. This is just a window into one or two aspects of a saw and should be taken as a peice of the puzzle when deciding on a new saw.

Sure I did something wrong to make this comparison it is any way.....:notsure:

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Jan 9, 2012
Great job as usual Mitch. The 562xp is out of all the saws I have, my favorite.
Sure, Ive got stronger saws. The 390xp is a real brute and funner to run.
But looking at the whole enchilada the 562xp stands out.
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Jan 10, 2012
Troms, North Norway.
Nice :yummy:

...but I guess the MS361 was a US one, so a bit "handicapped" because of that. Anyway, the 562xp surely looked impessive, compared to the other ones! :bananalove:
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Jan 10, 2012
Nice :yummy:

...but I guess the MS361 was a US one, so a bit "handicapped" because of that. Anyway, the 562xp surely looked impessive, compared to the other ones! :bananalove:
Good question. I didn't think to look but would assume its US built. It does have a Scott Wojo muffler :rolleyes:
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