Husqvarna stuff, other than saws


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Jan 9, 2012
I've gotta say I'm actually impressed with this years push mower lineup, and the tractors aren't too shabby either. The zero-turns are far more impressive than they ever have been. Saws are really upping their game. The trimmers I've liked since day one, can't wait for the x-torqs to come out fully. Blowers are really moving some air now, very impressive.

I'm not trying to say their stuff is top notch, best you can buy. But it is getting to be very impressive for the money. It costs less than Honda or John Deere, performs extremely well, outmatches similarly priced competition for the most part, and is easy to work on.

There are certainly other brands that I like, just am not in a position to pursue at the moment, but I'm really happy with Husqvarna right now. As a single brand, all inclusive type dealer, I couldn't have picked a better source IMO.
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Jan 9, 2012
Can one really be "Impressed" with a push mower?

Your such a brand snob, Tom!!! :ahah:

LOL sorry, I see a lot of equipment every year. Some come and go and I'm really impressed with the quality, ease of maintenance, and performance. Others I wish I never see again. This years revisions and price points are impressive :D


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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
I was at a local Stihl / Husky dealer today and they had quite a few brand spankin' Husky Z's on the floor. They looked to be as good as any others I've seen fer sure.

Definitely digging the suspension on them. Looks to be as good as eXmark.....


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Jan 17, 2012
It's just a Husky type of thing.

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May 9, 2012
I like the orange room too. But man lets add some more color to it. :notripe:

Finally got around to putting my idea for a poulan sign together today. Using dealer stickers that measure 17"x11" each and combined them in a heavy duty poster frame. :p

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