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Jan 10, 2012
Hopland Ca. The badlands
Trying to get signatures here for a petition, to legalize GPS tracking for our dogs. Anybody, any state or country. My friend Michelle Christman from Texas. It is on my facebook wall. Or no facebook it is under Change.org. It is, not for making the chase easier, and it does not. The fastes way to locate a dog treeing a bear, baying a pig etc. Is running toward the barking. If you can't and have to switch to tracking your problems have already started. I was inspired to fight to legalize from` what happened with my friend months back. He came home with no dogs, and got one back half starved 6 days later. The other made me cry myself to sleep when I got the news he was hit by a car and killed. Trying to make it home it was a ten day ordeal and he was not far away. Also new a guy who had his dog hit in the lung by a boar. If it was not for the gps, they never would have found and saved him. Help me get signatures please! You click on the link, and do it right online. Thanks Norm................
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