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Nov 8, 2019
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wtf? i heard one already about a mistake some Shaman made whilst designing the thing, anyways like i gotta try out this translation mode for the mild mannered "DD"...yea yea yea she loves you... GTG? ~GIO~invite&inquiries,treadmills and valuable giveaways, you ~strong fellers let em down at Lunch"and the good ol'daze and little warm puppies, clitngon to greenhorns & the final hope, fume a chapter like stronger B4 GT ~Vanni~Constitutable IP:there are 15 men plus Guns n roses, idk, tell me if its the modern day smart devices or just a general shift IH altogether, rather not get into deep, reference new thread.Some g{u}ys rather not be called such but sooner or later you are such reference new thread: a g'old boy onto a gettin' older Sonny o'boy so yosaddlup, The Ring. (ref: a.k.a.GT ) So this wee knew thread invites the DD exclusively through be it got the go on up ahead,to talk about it, granted exclusively through the GMZA (nunja)and the not withstanding rule, except tho if yer still sawing logs, then its ok cuz, we had done most of it up to here (about it). **** a duck if its rainin' good luck to those about to rock and roll with that BS in yer own shaggin wagon if GP said then it was ok and ok it seemed and we still sawing with a Swede said it seems "ok then why knot", reference on about and continue on about wtf this and wtf that like a show off: go ahead reference new fukn thread for those interested in cryptocurrency and register a tag where they can go fukaduklukstuckinthemuk then we'll have yourself a merry little witch hunt cuz, Harry fukn Canary doesn't mind to here & now, grandkids switch the hitch now and tow a different load, nobody, knot nobody knows how to make themselves happy like agoodolboy.10703737_326534614185901_3034926197313359862_n.jpg


Steps right, throws right. Swings both ways.
Jan 10, 2012
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Canada; where men are men and Cjcocn is a midget
Here. You sound like you need some KD


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