Jeep CJ3B

My pap passed on about 5 years ago and I kind of inherited his Jeep .It was the last of perhaps a dozen he had in life time .

So far so good.Changed the front tires and the spark plugs .It still has some hesitation which I believe is the carb which comes as no surprise from sitting in a barn not started for 8-9 years .With my work schedual it's going to take me a couple of weeks to go completly through it ,brakes etc .After that should be good to go .Beats plowing snow freezing my arse off on a 1950 Ferguson with a rear blade and a 550 foot driveway .

Next out of the barn is a 1938 Allis -Chalmers model B which I rebuilt when I was 15-16 years some 50 years ago .If I were a betting man although it hasn't been started in 17 years I'll bet the old gal fires right up .They literally built that old iron to run forever back in those days .
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More to the saga .It turns out it's an early CJ5 instead of a 3JB .I thought something was awry because it has lock out front hubs .Age undetermined because I can't decipher the VIN numbers .I'd guess probabley mid 60's .

It gets confusing on these things .From what I gather the CJ5 was a copy of the Korian war military M38A1 and was to replace the CJ3B except for the fact they made that model for years afterwards during the long running production of the CJ5.From other info it appears the CJ3B is still in production in some areas of the world .
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Oh boy talk about a beech to work on .I changed out the master cylinder which took several hours .I'm certainly happy I have a hoist or else it really would have been a chore .

Now to bleed the brake system .I have a little set up where I use a length of hose and check valve that I can bleed hydraulic brakes without an assistant .Now if I can get the bleed valves open without breaking one remains to be seen .Worse case is to bleed them from the first joint before the wheel cylinder if nothing else .Works some times .

Old rusty junk,gotta luv it .
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Feb 15, 2013
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I had to investigate that vacuum method .Sounds like a great idea .I never really thought of doing it that way .
They sell those hand pump vac bleeders but the shopvac works well. If you want to be clever, get a mason jar with the lid and poke two holes in it. One comes in from the caliber/wheel cylinder and the other is for vacuum. It keeps your brake fluid in the jar and out of the shopvac.
Well I'm going to find out one of these days just how loud it bellers .

I've got a couple old Kirbys up in the attic, I might use one of them .Those things are indestructible .A little brake fluid wouldn't hurt them a bit .Just unhook the dirt bag and let it blow out to atmosphere .

Most women hate those old things because they are about like pushing around a lawnmower .However the damned old things could suck a golf ball through a garden hose .--Where have I heard that before ---:facepalm:
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May 7, 2013
I finally got the old relic done and home .She ain't all that pretty but it is functional .I threwa pic or two showing what it takes to pull the brake drums on this thing .I've never seen a set up like this in my life .
that hardtop and doors is rare in this area ,i think andydodgegeek got one with a full hardtop not long ago ,i have one of those drum pullers ,i used it a lot when i started here 25 years ago at the salvage yard ,old dodge's and amc cars had the 2 piece axles along with jeep back then when i was dismantleing ,i used to have a 1958 military version cj5,it had the fuel tank under the driver front seat ,and a cutout in the rh side of the hood for the air snorkle for the carb
This one also has the hood panal .I can't tell one from another on these old ones .My bro had an M38A1 ( military )which is nearly like a cj5 or cj3B .For that matter this thing was built from parts of two and I have no idea what model it is other than the VIN indicates CJ5.I am only assuming it to be after 1965 because it says Jeep instead of Willeys but I could be wrong .

Ha my dad had quite a collection of parts too .Among other things is a front drive Ramsey PTO winch and a rear PTO .Good Lawd with that winch and 75 HP you could pull the frame into on one of these little things if you didn't watch it .

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Jun 23, 2013
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With those winches it would make a killer anything right down to a skidder for logs. Those large old spools will be a handy yarder to ;)

Hand pump/vac works just as well and much more of a controlled bleed into the jar.
I tried the vac with a jar and it worked to a point.It evacuated the rear lines just fine .I had to kind of help it out on the fronts with the brake pedal . They work which they should .All new riveted shoes,new wheel cylinders and master .

They are however only 9" brakes with no power so you do have to stand on them .Ha I had a beech of a time aligning the front drums when I turned them ,slight warpage .Cut them on an old Boews and Emmes 20 by 48 lathe circa 1912 .

Those pto winchs are okay but keep in mind that Jeep only weighs about 2200 pounds bare bones . You'd have to chain it to something to get a hard pull .They are the cats meow though if you swamp the little Jeep to snatch it out if you can reach an anchorage point .

It's another big kids toy who refuse to grow up .Old rusty iron ,gotta luv it .

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Nov 18, 2012
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My brother has a '48 CJ2A with a rear PTO. Pumped water with it some back in the 1970's. It also has a weight that fits between the frame rails in front of the grille and a box you can add to the back that increases the load capacity. It has braces down to the "bumper" and the tailgate hooks on to it.


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Mar 7, 2012
I used to plow driveways in a CJ5 with a Meyer 6ft blade. I had troubles with big storms because the traction wasn't there but other wise was a great rig.
If you chain all 4 it helps .Light weight with a blade angled it shoves the front end around .

My dad had a '48 CJ2 also .Sold it for about twice what it would bring around here to guy from Texas who drove that thing from Lima Ohio to Dallas ,Ft Worth ,something .Took him 4 days .

Those old flat heads with 5.69 or whatever axle ratio would only go about 45- 50 MPH .Minimum speed on the interstates is 45 so he ran just about wide open to get that .That little SOB would beat you to death in 4 days because they ride like a log truck .They have springs about like a skate board .Like acting as if there were none .It darned sure doesn't ride like a Cadillac .
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