Jonny Four-Nine-Dee Giveaway - x2


Jul 31, 2013
There was a time, (prolly 10 years ago or more) these 490’s were heavily sought after (If I recall this correctly).

Firewood guys loved them and the racing crowd loved them even more - I ran some really well built Partner 5k’s and they were screamers and great show off / GTG saws - won a couple races with one that was insanely well built up in Maine at one point.

Who knows how big of a deal they are anymore - heh, come to think of it - the fewer tickets these saws bring in, the better the chances the ticket purchasers will have of winning. Which is rather a profound statement about any raffle but I guess we will see how much folks will want one of these based on how many or how few tickets people actually buy - it would be hilarious if no one buys any - haven’t had anyone show interest as of yet but I also haven’t done the video for them either.

Might be giving these saws away for free, which would be probably the most entertaining ‘raffle’ I’ve done yet.
No that would be when you raffle off your skinny jeans