Jonsered 670 inlet manifold leaks


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Feb 22, 2013
Hi all
my 670 has a fast idle that I can,t control. Sprayed some aero start around the inlet manifold and it cuts out . So the question is how do I get the bugger off. I removed the carb before but can't get that rubber ,plastic,and alum inlet off the barrel. Can anybody help pls
cheers rue

jacob j.

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Jan 9, 2012
Are you talking about the rubber intake boot that clamps to the cylinder? It clamps around a large, rectangular flange on the cylinder.

There's a plenum that sits on the rubber intake boot which the carb and intake manifold screw up against with two long bolts.

jacob j.

When I let my hair down, my friends call me Dick C
Jan 9, 2012
The two pictures below show the rubber intake boot where it clamps to the cylinder, and the intake manifold where the air filter bolts on.



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Jan 9, 2012
You may have to lift the jug to get it off. I think the rubber intake boot sits down in the case to help seal out dust from the carb area.

I think the boots are NLA also, have to do some asking around and see who has anything left! Or you might try some sealant around the flange if the boot itself is in decent shape.
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Nov 5, 2012
It can be taken off without lifting the cylinder but it is a PIA. You don't need to take the cylinder all the way off to make it easier, just pull it up about 3/4". When you do this though you risk tearing the base gasket. Be careful and it should be fine.

I am not sure about the NLA status but you should be able to find a used one around somewhere.

Are you sure it is a bad boot, and not a loose clamp holding it on?
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