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little man
Sep 30, 2013

Maybe I should start a HawgzFundMe thread to have you guys charity me some skinny jeans so I can actually live up to the skinny jean phenomenon that’s part of my existence here.

I’d presume that good skinny jeans are pricey...?? Not sure. And does Cabelas or Duluth Trading Co sell them...?? I’ve never seen them at Tractor Supply or Runnings or Field and Stream. Those are pretty much the only places I get any clothing - I sure hope I can find some there for you freaks.

Maybe some of you lumbersexuals can help put me in the right direction. I’d hate to get my own skinny jeans and end up purchasing the wrong ones - who knows how you queers would react if I did such a thing....
Eye herd Laroo pays extra for his skinny jeans
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