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Aug 30, 2014
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I loan saws out to people that know how to use them
My farmer neighbors have mostly 025 or 290 stihls that suit their needs.
But occasionally need a long bar saw
But not enough reason to buy one.
And I have freebie timber saws i got running
A jred 920 10mm with a 28"
that needs run i usually loan out.
I've gotten it back a few times with a new chain
They were appreciative of me letting them use it.

McBob jnr

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Nov 29, 2020
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I borrowed a saw off a friend once. It was one of those damn eager beavers. I told him it wasnt really worth using after i finished shaving down the hedge out the back of the paddock, so I asked if he wanted one that was ever so slightly modified or if he just wanted the next size up in the range. He ended up giving me four beavers and a 10-10s for this mac engine id bolted to a steel frame. Just the crank, stuffer plate, cylinder, exhaust and carby. Im not even sure what model it was, the size of it, or even how old it was. alls I know is that after soaking it in diesel for a week, rising it in unleaded and replacing the gaskets, seals and some other odd bits that didnt look right, this thing went harder than old niellies willy after having a lovers tiff with my dad.

this was something like maybe eight years ago. A few weeks ago, that same guy sent me a postcard from somewhere real snowy, telling me that saw still runs today and hasnt had a single part replaced.

two days ago he actually rang me and told me it died on him the day after he posted that postcard.

Moral of the story-
I have many anecdotes that have nothing to do with whats going on