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Nov 18, 2012
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I’m looking for a laptop... My IPad and Mac aren’t doing it for me. I just started looking and my brain is spinning. I don’t need anything for gaming. I pretty much just need something for internet, basic Microsoft word and excel stuff and the ability to remotely use VNC to log into other computers.
I would really like something with a CD/DVD drive, but I could get by with having a external drive and loading the CD’s onto this computer.

I do know I want something with at least 8gb ram and a SSD. From there I am totally lost.

How are AMD processors vs Intel? Ryzen 5, 7 vs Intel i5 and 7. 8th generation intel vs 7th...

I would really like to keep the price under $800, ideally I’d like to be under $500.

I see a lot of 2 in 1’s and touch screens. I don’t need a touch screen and I am worried about the 2 in 1’s that the screen will be to “loose” and flop around.

Any suggestions?
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May 7, 2013
I have a rugged dell laptop for work for inventory ,screen flips down into a tablet also ,can use it in the rain ,has 1tb ssd etc,8 hour battery life ,only get about a year out of the batteries price 3k or so at dell ,but i got mine for less than a grand on ebay ,heard good things about thinkpads for work too ,the techs at my auto software company were using them when were here ,

Dell Latitude Rugged | Dell United States

ThinkPad E480 | Essential 14-inch SMB laptop | Lenovo US