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Jan 10, 2012
Got a couple....[video][/video]
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Jan 11, 2012
Post cutting is done as a profession by some, not bad money if you can get the paddocks with the wood in them. Most of aus is fenced with these type of posts. I did some post cutting on the side when I was falling timber, but these days not much time to do so. The wood used is generally Iron Bark or Stringy, but other species are used also like bloodwood and cypress pine.

Allot of the top post cutters in the racing side are full time post cutters as a job, they get to see allot of variances in the wood and can translate what is going on inside a billet before it is cut. knowing how to set up your billet to cut in a race is a big part of this race and knowing how deep you need to cut in spots and how shallow in others. the list goes on and on in this part of it.

There are two classes in post rip, under 100cc and open class saws, sometimes there is an under 77cc class but that is rare. There are novice rips and the saw size varies for them.

You are allowed a back-up saw if the first one fails for whatever reason. The other tools you need are

Sledgehammer, any size you want, 10-12lbs are the norm
wedges, genrally steel wedges, no restrictions on type, size, or numbers
two pry bars
an axe

The posts that you cut must have a minimum of a 5" back, depth of the post at the wedged end must be of the correct depth, usually 4", 4 1/2" or 5", determined on the day of the race by the judges.

this video show some good close ups of a race
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