Mountain Biking Anyone.....??


Jan 8, 2012
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Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Brought the bike out a couple weeks ago. Been riding a couple hours almost every day.

Got me a '99 Gary Fisher Paragon with a 2000 RockShox SID XC fork. The bike initially came with a RockShox Judy SL fork but this was upgraded to the SID. The SIDs are strictly air forks. These forks are super super light. This whole bike is really light actually. I upgraded the brakes and braker triggers a few years back from Avid 2.0 V-Brakes and triggers to Avid Single Digit Ultimate V-Brakes and the Avid Speed Dial Ultimate triggers. At the same time I also upgraded the rear Shimano LX derailleur to a Shimamo XTR Rapid Rise. It's a pretty slick bike - every time I take it to the bike shop to get tuned up the mechanics love it and always ask me if it's for sale. I hope to change out a lot more parts on this thing over the next few years. I'll prolly redo the whole drive on the bike and use all Shimano XTR components when I do it. It'd be nice to get it to weight less than 20lbs. I think it's around 24lbs now.

Here it is in it's original 90's style paint job. :)

Front RockShox SID. This fork kicks ass. You can also see my "new" tires. Got them put on late last fall - Continental Double Fighter 2 hybrid tires. These are excellent on/off road tires. They're perfect for the type of riding I do.

Had these put on last fall as well. CrankBrother's 2012 50/50 pedals with sealed needle bearing cartridges. These pedals are super light, super strong, and they are real real smooth and spin with no resistance whatsoever.

I do a lot of road/dirt road, cross country trail riding, and single track trail riding. Nothing too extreme, the riding I do is a lot of climbing and cardio based stuff. It's tough but it's good to get yer heart going. I've done some downhill stuff over the years but it's not really my cup of tea. Not to mention I'm not all that interested in dropping a $3000 bike off a 6ft+ drop. I have a few friends who are real hardcore dowhillers and the stuff they do is frikkin' nuts. Downhill bikes are meant to take a serious beating but I'd either destroy my bike or myself if I tried, lol.

Just another hobby of mine along side the chainsaws..... :thumbsup:

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