Mrs.Chukka has arrived!


New Member
Jan 9, 2012
Nice avatar btw. Eli pretty much secured his place in Canton, Ohio with this last super bowl.

Mrs. Chukka

Sheesh you're making an appearance everywhere!

This is what you get paid at work to do!? Better not get caught I need some new saws, I can't afford to have you get fired!! :cowdance:
Lol that's ok! Then I'll stay home and you can work so I can buy shoes! They are cheaper than chainsaws!! :p

Mrs. Chukka

Nice avatar btw. Eli pretty much secured his place in Canton, Ohio with this last super bowl.
Thanks!! No kidding! Gotta love Eli manning and the awesome Giants! Sorry TK about your patriots, maybe the third time will be the charm! ;)

Mrs. Chukka

Hi TK! Long time no see!

Hi Cale! Really long time no see!
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