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naked arborist

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Jun 23, 2013
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ms361ported jug2.jpgOffered up today is one of my MS361 work saws. It has a great power and was ported by me. I have been doing port work for 20+ years now. Custom DP muffler. It is ready for work and has three tanks run thus far on fresh Caber rings. The saw is running 3/8 8 pin with a brand new Total 0.050 bar. I have several 361 and have decided to sell one. It is the fastest work saw I have ever owned. She gets it done fast. The saw was run for a year before being ported. It needs nothing. It has been torn down and gone through when the rings were installed 3 tanks ago. It will pull a 25" or 28".

ms361ported jug.jpgms361ported.jpgms361ported2.jpgms361ported3.jpg

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S Tebo

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Oct 29, 2013
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Nice looking saw! If I did not recently pick up a nice 036- I'd be in line for sure. Quick question for you- I've been doing most of my own saw work also and MM etc & I've been making the side port covers out of this and that as needed. If you don't mind sharing- where what part/ where do you get your side port covers & are you using screws (here we go...) or pop rivets? I appreciate it & good luck with the sale!

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