MY get to 50 post thread


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Jan 14, 2012
one payment away from living in a box
What happenz at post 50.....??
The user titles obviously change depending on post count and these are the rankings!

0 Pork Rind
50 Bacon Strip
150 Sowbelly Sawsage
300 Pork Chop
500 Rib Rack
750 Ham Hock
1000 Hawg Piglet
1500 Young Hawg
2500 Wart Hawg
4000 Wild Boar
6000 SawHawg
8000 SawHawg Bull
10000 Alpha SawHawg'r

At 50 post I will magicaly turn into a bacon strip I also see that Pork chop is an option must of overlooked that yesterday So my new goal is 300:banana:
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