My Ranger needs a clutch.


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Jan 17, 2012
After that load of cainsaws ou delivered here last Thursday it should need some springs too!

I forgot the Oak cooking wood that I had for you, so stop back.

So.... Lets see some pictures of that cut wood you were trucking!



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Jan 20, 2013
Too bad you don't have an old toyota pickup. I have a new clutch here for one. Good luck! It's not a difficult job, just aggravating.


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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
I'm so busy with chit lately, I'm just gonna have it done. It'd be a cool project and I can totally do it. I'm just low on time with working a lot and I have so much to get done here at the house.

Sounds crazy but I'm already concerned with snow being on the ground. I know I'm nuts cuz snow season is "forever from now" but before we know it, it'll be October and up here in the Northeast it's scramble time to get things buttoned up before snow season. I have an unlimited amount of crap to do - so I just may hafta belly up and eat Ramen Noodles and Cheezits for a month cuz that truck is getting taken to the shop on Monday. :yup:
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Oct 28, 2012
Mt Washington, KY
...that truck is getting taken to the shop on Monday. :yup:
If it is like my Ranger that is a good choice. Mine the bell housing bolted on from inside which meant not only were you fighting the jackshaft but also the bell-housing tranny tunnel to git 'er in there. Not hard, but lots of cursin words.

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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Just got the ole truck back 3 days ago.

It's kind of a long story but I don;t care to type it all out nor would one want to read it all. It just took me a bit longer to get it to the mechanic than I thought it would. Got it to him at the very end of August.

Got the clutch done along with a bunch of other stuff that needed attention (u-joints, rear shocks, all new rear brakes, front torsion adjusted and bushings replaced, front rotors machined, flywheel machined - the list goes on and on). But what took me by surprise was needing the rear diff cover plate and oil changed. They found some loose gears (slopping around about 1/4") so I had to have the rear diff rebuilt. :facepalm:

Took the dude some time as I always tell him I'm not in a hurry - plus I toss him money every week / every other week towards the project. A chit ton money later and this truck runs like it's near brand new. Got no money left but it was worth waiting almost two months for - rides and shifts like a dream. No vibrations or sounds coming from anywhere - she be riding good now! I woulda loved to do all of this myself but with all the other crap I have going on I'd never have time to do so - if I attempted any of this I'd still be waiting to get to it - I'm sure we all know how that chit goes!

Pic of it at my mother's house the day I got it back. Pretty silly my favorite truck in the world is my 08 5spd 4x4 Ranger. But hey, we all have problems. :D

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