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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Got a new FS 130 yestaday. Had to pop it's cherry by firing it up for the first time - but I let the wife be the one who dirties it up first. She used it today.

Had an issue with my FS 110. I could have fixed it but I was feeling saucy so I pulled the trigger on a 130. Gave my FS 110 to my neighbor, the westspartan. I had it for exactly 5 years before having any issues with it - and I put a ton of hours on it too. I didn't use it commercially but that thing definitely got a lot of use in heavy heavy brush and it was also well taken care of. S'that damn ethanol - I ran pump 93 gas in it the first year or two I had it. I was gonna trade it towards the 130 but it wasn't worth very much since it needed a carb - most places I called don't take trade ins on hand held equipment. But regardless, once Dan fixes it up he'll have a hell of a trimmer. Glad someone can put it to good use!

But anywho, ran the 130 for a few minutes myself today. Definitely more power than the 110. It's only 5cc's bigger but that measly 5cc's makes a HUGE different in a string trimmer. But for your viewing pleasure, here's dem pics.....

Hey look - they got rid of the flippy cap!

The wife ran it for quite a while today.

I love this thing. It's got a lot of ass. Well, it does after you change that chitty string. The string I always prefer to use is the Husky Titanium .105" string. That orange Stihl string that came prespooled kept breaking. Hate that stuff anyways.

Damn, I coulda bought a 372 and had it ported for what I just paid for a new lawnmower and string trimmer. :yup:
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May 7, 2013
I like turtles...........and flippy caps
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Jan 12, 2012
Sweet trimmer, i have an FS-250. the thing has had the snot run out of it. just keeps on goin. Those bike bars and harness are awesome. Had to buy a harness for mine years ago. that strap sucked.
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