Northeast GTG ers


Huskeevarnee Hawg
Aug 20, 2013
upstate NY
Yeah I have heard of plans for a couple. Nothing solid yet. But its gotta cool down and the leaves gotta come off at chittys house anyway.:clap:


Mows his grass in 8 minutes.
Feb 15, 2013
North Country New York
I'm in the process of trying to buy a house on 3 acres that is situated 2 houses down from a good buddy of mine who likes to drink beer and do stupid stuff. I'm not going to live to be very old.
It sounds like your buying 2 houses down from me. I am on the end of a dead end dirt road that comes off the side of another dead end road. Neighbors are all awesome beer drinkers as well. They even have the common sense to leave people alone unless they are invited over. It can be very quiet here but its not a requirement.
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Hand Rubbed Pork
Jan 9, 2012
It is on a main road that passes through town unfortunately. I wish it were a little more remote but that's hard to find around here. The land all out behind me is woods, and it doesn't look like anything can be developed out there anytime soon either. I hope it stays that way, but development seems inevitable around here. It's crazy.


Mr. Whiskerz
Jan 13, 2012
Upstate NY
It sounds like your buying 2 houses down from me. I take it up the dirt road, or any hole you'd like to put it in. Neighbors are all awesome and ass pluggers as well. They even have the common sense to bring KY when they are invited over. It can be very quiet here but its not a requirement.
Oh DAMN! I'll stay down here :eek:
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