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Jul 31, 2013
Southern Minnesota
The one I saw only had a Chevelle tag and the V8 symbol, dual exhaust, roof rack and lots chrome, Long Beach plate holder, but BC plates.
We never had those cars in Canada with all the chrome.
He scooted pretty good off the lites,, very nice car, gave him a thumbs up.
Maybe he escaped Kalifornia and that was his getaway car.


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The son sent me these pics, him and the youngest grandson and some friends went on the pond duck hunting this morning. it was 39 and pouring rain. I told em they were brain He's the midget. I did let em know about that gun leaning against the tree wasn't the smartest thing they ever did. not to mention rain goin down the barrel. I don't think a lot of actual hunting went on.

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Huntin' fer snapping turtles?
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