NSP part 4


I gave Captain Crunch a handjob
Jun 11, 2014
santa rosa, ca
the 223 is both over and under hyped, what I can say, is that I have 8 one shot kills on bucks with a 222 Rem.
all of those took time and patience, a bigger round wouldn't have made any difference
in not so ideal situations, a bigger round gives you more leeway
223? ewe ment California 50cal???

In other news, eye got a home depot that is about to run out of diesel, a Walmart with the a portable generator that didnt start and I'm stuck about 60miles away doing resistance testing on a generator
May have to bring rob into the game to tell people to fuck off

stihl sawing

aquirrel aficionado
Jan 12, 2012
The one that married her brother?
I think she was from Minneapolis.
Yeah that's her. Some of those guys just can't afford to throw away their stuff and buy new. I hope they give them a long timeline to do it in. This pretty much says it all, another damn mooslimb.

Council Member Ali Ramlawi, D-5th Ward, brought forward the ordinance,


I do want to see skinny guys in speedos
Oct 24, 2013
KFC for lunch today, more crazy women though none told me her life story directly this time.
Two ladies in line talking loud as heck (i was seated and eating already) about how you have to tell them you want them to cook your food with salt because they don't cook things the way veterans need them. One lady has a Vietnam Vet as a husband and because he got hit with agent orange he has to have salt in his food or he will die.
you can't make this stuff up
I am headed to Tennessee tomorrow for Randy's GTG, gonna race a bunch of my Huskys this time around; stock 42 special, ported 346xp, gonna borrow a 365 special from Joey for four cube, Poulan Pro 415, 372XP, Kenn Dunn 394, new Nolder 3120.
hopefully i do better than last weekend LOL
im fourth with the left handed pipe