NSP part 4


Prince of Tater Island
Jan 10, 2012
Canada; where men are men and Cjcocn© is a midget
Fuck I married one.................Glad shes my ex now.
About 20 yrs ago, an old war vet working for us was getting ready to retire. He was in a trench putting pipe in the ground and our then boss, the old kraut, walked up and looked down at him. Alan said "the last time I looked up out of a hole and saw a German, I shot the cocksucker"


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Damn...if only it was 6. Seems that would be a better number for some reason. Construction grade or quiet?
When my parents lived 3.5 miles from the nearest grid, they had a Homelite 4-cylinder, propane-powered, water-cooled generator that started and ran when a light switch or appliance was turned on. It was quiet, the oil in it never turned black and it didn't stink like gasoline powered generators. Refrigerators and freezers were LP-powered Servels.