Ocean Container Shop Build


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Feb 18, 2014
Foothills of Stevens Pass PNW
TOOL TIME arr arr arrrrrr...........

When we started the project we were looking for a new AC Circular saw. Looked at a few and the Porter Cable
was lightweight and only 40 bucks. Also Got a great deal on the Hitachi 31/2 nailer at Lowes.

Once was got to the roofing I convinced the wife we needed a new 20V Driver and impact set even though
my 18V Dewalt still works perfect.

Also have always wanted the 20V Circular and got the 6 1/2 for $49.
Through in a couple larger batterys and off we went.

A few days later I told her that oscillating tool would be a great addition to the set.

Next trip to Lowes and we came back with the side grinder for cutting the tin.

Final trip last night and we grabbed the sawzall and got to use it today. Man that is a handy tool.

Haven't tried the Oscillating tool yet but they sure work great in tight places..

For the price of these Porters so far am well pleased. Batterys are not a quick charge but seem to last forever.

Only thing were missing now is the Sabre saw and a radio if we want the whole set.

porterz.jpg porter.jpg